Sunday, July 03, 2011

To a place called L

Almost after 9 months.
What a year. Crazy is not a word that can define it. It needs the most expletive obscene invented word to describe it. A learning experience that has to be called life.
Acads, music, Manfest, love, alcohol, cigarettes, McKinsey and crazyness.

Success redefined, aspirations redefined, peace redefined, love redefined, hard work redefined and hence I am still fighting to win. To an end that cannot be imagined, to a finish that cannot be planned, to a direction that cannot exist.. this place can make you live crazy if you want to go crazy.

I am not happy yet, the reason I came here for. Not achieved yet. I know I have to stop loving this place for its undefined nature, I am sold to anarchy. I need to come back, I need discipline, I need to stop loving.. cause I need to be happy.