Friday, November 09, 2007

Om Shanti Om a.k.a Bollywood circus

Verdict: Must Watch!!

When i woke up in the morning yesterday, I never knew that I would be one of the few firsts to see Om Shanti Om in India. But when the movie ended the special feeling 'almost' slipped away.
At this point I can say that i still feel like going and watching the movie again because never ever in the history of hindi cinema have I ever enjoyed the first half so much. It is just too too too too funny. Right from the beginning, the movie starts spoofing the 70's style and statements in a way that no one has every successfully done. Shah rukh khan is simply amazing in the first half with his comic timing. Farah khan's humor quotient is simply at heights with this movie. The quick gun murugan and the 'rascala..' parts are simply too original and tickles your funny bone for 100% of the time. The best part of the movie and the reason I have not spoken about shah rukh (who the hell will see him when u can see her in the same frame) till now is Miss Deepika Padukone. She is classic. She is Serene. She is beautiful. She is all cleavage with no vulgar feeling!!!! She has arrived. (oh wont i love that!!!!) Forget her acting, forget her dialogues, forget everything else in the frame when she is scorching up the screen. She is officially the hottest.

But I had my reservations with the movie which made me feel that farah had diverted too far with her comic doings for her to return to serious drama. In her previous movie she had the control and thus it was a senless logicless brialliant movie (main hoo na) but this was like a small child who played too much to have any concentration left for his studies. The end is terrible. Actually its not that bad but when u have such a dhamakedaar first half you need to be only a scorsese to follow it up with great drama, sadly farha ain't that good.

But lets come to the reason why I call it the circus. If u ever loved any bollywood actor, u will find them in this movie. whether it is mithun da's dance or akshays's action or rani's thumkes or amitabh's sense of humor or abhishek's bacchpana.. its all there for grabs. So at the end of the day all paisa vasool when u see akshay kumar do his stunt. Man this was like way funnier than satish shah spitting at shah rukh khan.

So first 75% of the movie is just too good that it covers up the really bad last 30%. An overall celebration of bollywood movies, watch it for all the CIRCUS!!!