Sunday, July 03, 2011

To a place called L

Almost after 9 months.
What a year. Crazy is not a word that can define it. It needs the most expletive obscene invented word to describe it. A learning experience that has to be called life.
Acads, music, Manfest, love, alcohol, cigarettes, McKinsey and crazyness.

Success redefined, aspirations redefined, peace redefined, love redefined, hard work redefined and hence I am still fighting to win. To an end that cannot be imagined, to a finish that cannot be planned, to a direction that cannot exist.. this place can make you live crazy if you want to go crazy.

I am not happy yet, the reason I came here for. Not achieved yet. I know I have to stop loving this place for its undefined nature, I am sold to anarchy. I need to come back, I need discipline, I need to stop loving.. cause I need to be happy.


DJ said...

You don't need to stop loving or to stop anything to be happy, it's always the journey that is more beautiful, so find your happiness in the journey and don't stop yourself from anything..... :)

Safari Al said...

More importantly, what have you been smoking? No, seriously, what have you been smoking?

And, on an aside... I have a couple of clarifications:

1) "Almost after 9 months" - well, a lot can happen in 9 months, and (wink wink) we shall gloss over that. But, "What a year". Does this try to equate 9 months to almost a year? If so, I'd like to point your attention to list item (iii). Che cazzo? (relevant emphatic hand motion popularized by Russel Peters)

2) Since you have redefined most things in your frame of reference, the complexity of your process of redefinition is O(n) and is linear with respect to the number of things you want to redefine. If one were to assume that the cost of doing a single redefinition was constant, you could have provided a better solution by redefining your frame of reference which would be O(1).

No, now I really need to sleep. Please ignore. As usual, I blabber.

Darkness and deep said...

Che cazzo?

Safari Al said...

Niente. Io sono pieno di vino. Hic!