Monday, May 24, 2010

For you all

Some moments in life are so strong and imperative that a normal human being fails to grab the sense of it. A watershed event that it could be just doest seem to appear to the person. He thinks not ahead, he thinks only of the near future. Until it suddenly hits him. A sense of nostalgia, a good piece of art, good cinema, or longing for something completely different can put things into perspective that would make events until now appear in the right light.

There was this print advertisement of HAIG that I remember seeing on my way to Panjim from Margoa way back in 2006. It caught my fascination like no other. The tag line was "Made by Time". Time, the supreme most truth that a human knows and has proof off. Time makes a lot of things, and mostly they are the most valuable. The most important of its products are relationships. Respect and friendship form the indispensable ingredient of relationships.

When you start a relationship, an emotional investment is the equity of highest value. Its interest rates are extremely high. If it pays dividend you will receive the most priced "Return". Happiness. There is seldom any hedge for this, that is if you are truly emotionally investing.

You cant decide on whether to invest emotionally or not, it happens and when it does you are already knee deep. But, trust takes you ahead. A decade back, I was this student with a broken leg. Trying hard to prove to the world that even I can make it. With the stool in the class and my plastered leg on it, I made sure any sympathy that came my way, came with some bit of respect and awe. After the final exams of that year I realised I had nothing to do. The last exam was physics I suppose, I remember coming back home and going to sleep. That was 10th standard boards. While people played cricket, watched movies I slept. That was me 10 years back. Today for every occasion I have someone to share my happiness and more importantly my sorrows.

Friendship is truly what makes any event in a man's life worth it. Today even a parents success is judged by whether they are great friends or not. With friends we perennially have a sense of celebration, a sense of sharing. They give us freedom to tease, the freedom to criticize, the freedom to get angry without being judged and the freedom to ask. In the last decade I have not known life, but for some really important people. They know as they read this. Thanks :)