Friday, January 01, 2010

.. I wanna grow up once again :)

Watching 3 Idiots and wake up sid made my eyes moist. As evident both the movies dealt with one theme. Do what you love, Doing things that you enjoy and are adept at can contribute not only to the world but would make a world of difference to you.

3 Idiots is an amazing movie. I dont care what the world thinks, they may say they played to the gallery, they may say that goofball game was too over the top but trust me life is nothing but these goofball games. Delivering a child on TT table is weird?? Try birthday bumps turning into gore when a kick tore the small intestine of college mate. One seen on screen one before our eyes. Now you do your reality check.

The detailed ragging scenes, the feel of an engineering college complete with posters of science fest and result notices was a complete nostalgia run for me. The hostel chronicles, the vodka on the terrace top, the philosophical discussions, the altercations when we have lost ourselves to the spirits. The relative grading and even the toilet humor. I felt at hostel, sorry I felt at home.

But this movie did more than just entertaining me. It made me think, It made me a stereotype, It made me cringe at my past decisions, It made me analyse where I am now. Am I heading on the right direction. Am I the same wide eyed, inquisitive wanna learn everything kid that joined engineering? More importantly Am I an engineer?

They are good stories that create conflicts between characters, they are better movies that create effective internal conflicts in their characters but the best are those that creates a internal conflict in you, the viewer. At this point you are in personal interaction with the movie. This point the movie is not merely an entertainer, it a piece of art, its a cinema.

I watched 3 idiots as a way to spend my New years Eve effectively, but ended up feeling weird that few decisions in my life were not in the track of happiness. Its never too late to realise your mistakes. Boss catch the next train on time and make sure its on its way to happiness.