Friday, February 08, 2008

Those Thursday evenings…

No not a Friday. No not a Monday. Yipeee it’s a Thursday. Today is going to be fun.

After a long days work preceded by longer days of work on the last three days, today is the day when there is no ‘weekly meeting’ or a ‘team meeting’ or a ‘Knowledge transfer meeting’. So I am getting out of work soon. 8:30 it will be.

8:30 pm - Boss says, ‘today there no meeting so I am finally going home early’ and starts chatting. My eyes lit up, I send my daily report, press the power button and I am off.

10:00 am- G-talk

Ds: machch

me: solle

XXXX today?

Ds: cant tell so early da

me: cool no probs

Ds: ne ways ordered yeah??

me: not yet.. thinking process

Ds: hmmm .. i think i want for myself da .. neither can i listen to songs frm my phone

me: lol

Ds: nor radio is too clear

btw tat has radio also right

me: nope

8:00 pm – G-talk

me: u there

Ds: leaving in ten min'

me: to?




me: wokay

so when will u be there

do one thing like last time just tell me wneh u are 10 mins away

Ds: 30-40 min max


me: cool

i am sitting ready

The call comes and off I go. Escaaaaaaaaaape

Lift->Parking lot->Cauvery emporium circle->anil kumble circle->Lavelle rd->MOCHA.

For me mocha means Hookah and Moroccan mint tea and an hour of uninhibited, non reserved, ‘khulla mann’ chatting with ds.

A perfect Thursday night: Nirvana swirling out of my mouth, the smell of mint laced with scintillating smell of tea and some whacky ass conversation about life, office, friends and everything else on this blue ass dot of a planet.

MC bill please…