Friday, June 06, 2008

A Reference for Future Tho

Hey, last few months have been really stressful. Nearly two months back CEO of my company 'moved on'. When I asked my lead 'what now'?, he very promptly replied 'move on'. As if the universe has its way of teasing us, during the same time Fast Track came up with its new ad campaign with the tag line - 'Move on man...'.

Having stalled the decision to float my resume for nearly a month, I finally did.
The reason for the procrastination was that I was in a two year bond with Epsilon. But as some of my leads pointed out that breaking a service bond in such knotty situations will be innocuous, I finally managed to garner all my foolish courage to apply.

A friend informed me of an opening in his company in the same technology (perl) I was already working on. Gave the interview and after a week I was offered a job at Tejas Networks. Now it required a decision, Tejas or Epsilon. After consulting few of my colleagues and friends I finally chose Tejas. Then began a series of corporate ordeal that almost took the fun out of my life and filled me with so much confidence to take up this evil world, that I had a 15 minutes fight with an auto driver in Kannada and managed to extract 100 bucks out of him for the damage he caused to my Activa.

The next day, I told my manager. He outright disapproved my idea of moving on. His blunt act of defense took me by surprise. I walked out saying give me one more day and I will be back with my final decision (which I had already taken). I had to handle the next meeting carefully, at stake was at least 50,000 INR.

The next man went to was my boss. I told him of my options and pop came his reply - 'leave'. That was like the last nail on my chances of staying in Epsilon.

The Next day. Managers room. Things really went fast. Along went the hope of paying only 50,000 INR. The resignation was accepted at 85,000 INR. I was literally speechless.

One week and few beers later, I am hoping I can get back atleast 60,000 INR.

And in other news, I had been to mulengiri near chikmagalur. A brisk trek with yak, his bro and subbu. The most refreshing thing since a year.
Veena's visit to bangalore and a reunion of sort cause I met Monty after three months.

To God: The last time I had a crush I didn't tell her, I had then decided that the next girl I have crush on I am telling her the very next day. But as they say you have the best sense of humor. I shall learn, I shall learn.

Hope, things go the way its planned.