Sunday, May 06, 2007

End of an era and into the next...

2nd may, A day that i will always remember.
11:30 am - As i finished copying my last answer from yak's book a feeling of relief and release ran through my mind. It was the end of my Engineering. The end of four years in an amazing place called NITK. The End of an ERA.
As a group of my friend were leaving, leaving the place forever to go into the next phase of their life it hit me. It hit me hard. As i saw bajpai, sailesh, mishra, sonal leave my I sunk into this pit in my own heart which made me speechless.
I am sure i wil meet some of them in future but the four years i spent with these guys, the momments of sorrow, the momments of joy that i shared with them is never going to come back the way it was during these amazing years.
I have never been the kind who is so attached with a person that his parting away would hurt me so much that tears roll down my cheeks, but it did, it did yesterday. These are the moments that make u feel that you should have spent more time with these people.
My bus ticket has been bought. Tuesday 8th may, 1:15 pm
I will bid adieu to this place with a heavy heart and the scare that some of the close friends might forget me. I really will miss this heavenly place.
I dedicate my Engineering to Anup, Jammy, Yak, Gendi, Gooba, Subbu, cheti, Kamu. Thanks guys, u rock!!