Thursday, September 13, 2007

Frigging ICICI..

I hate ICICI.

reason: 9 months back i jumped at an oppurtunity given by ICICI and sangeetha mobiles to buy a phone at zero percent emi. Brilliant i thought and there I had my spunky new phone. It was natural for me to have been impressed at the ease by which all the procedure was completed.

The deal was that the amount will be debited in my father's account and they would clear it from there. Fine till here.
6 months hence everything was fine, when suddenly a call centre from chennai calls up on my land line even though the primary contact number was my dad's mobile to inform us that payments have not been coming in. Completely shocked at this my father checks up the statements of his ICICI account. According to that the money came in and went as was the deal. so if the money has gone from the account how could he accuse us of not paying. Fine, a complain was lodged and everything was fine after a few days, but not after my father had to go to the bank and complete the proceedings (aka waste of his time).

Last month: same problem, same procedure. But this time call was from delhi and the worse part is u cant call them back and shout at them cause its just a one sided call. this time we were fustrated but ICICI "promptly" cleared the problem.

This month: Guess what.... again!!! This is the limit, and thank god this is the last month of the emi, so after the "PROBLEM" is solved "AGAIN", we have decided to go and cut the card in front of the manager.

ICICI is a major Fu@#ing loser of a bank. Never get your self a Credit card from there. period