Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Notes to self

Next time you eat a generation of crab, strike that two generations of Crab. Think twice.

Actually think of it other than the coughing I don't see a down side. Firstly, I got to eat so much of crab meat. Top that with the 5 days of complete bed rest. Three great movies. 1. O Brother! where art thou 2. House of sand and fog 3. Barton Fink. Read 1984 leisurely. Eat all the home food. Chocolates, soups, cookies and warm tea (love you mom). Spoke the least. Man I dont think I had a better holiday.

But come to think of it, I wouldn't want a throat infection to do all this. Especially when the doctor said "eh.. you have a throat infection, and its spreading to your lungs..." All I could Imagine that day was globules of histamines and its reactants slowly crawling into the dark alleyways of my lungs. But the phrase was use full, it got the required attention and the sick leaves. Trust me, next time quote a doctor verbatim and see your sick leaves get approved without an extra word!

The cough is still there I hope I get rid of it fast. A staunch believer in homeopathy had to take antibiotics to speed up the recovery. The Antibiotics, the doc prescribed is lets say interesting. Today morning while in the bus, they took effect. It was like a sunday morning in a green spread lawn over looking a valley of beauty with varicolored flowers and sparkling rivers, and the sun rising in the background with the parrots flying swiftly.... and one strong concoction of old monk and coke.

Its fun, I like to squeeze that out from wherever I can.