Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little bit of this and a little too much of that

Sup Sup!!!, Its been over a month now since i have added some shit to this Internet. Though a bit of history has been troubling my black cells( they have gone rotten), but i would need to do a little more research on that to clear the fog off.

But a laaaawwwwwt has happened over this one month.
Firstly, India won, ya ahhh i am speaking about the Cricket here and quite deservingly received the grand reception. Symonds who visually lacks a little evolution wise, and our own bhajji spotting that and a bush look alike captain (aka Best batsman) of Australia added so much more to cricket, that watching cricket has never been so much fun. But nothing like a 'show of confidence before the finals and having to eat those words' defeat of Hayden's team. Thats the kind of finish India deserved. I am happy for India and the likes of bhajji. Its like the australians now know what it is to tease the 'present' India team.
Or like i like to say 'Bandar ab jaane Bhajji ka swad'. Dhoni respect.

What the hell is happening to 'Love' as i knew it man. Over the last few months that I spent in Bangalore, I started to develop this heavenly picture of Love. This primariily because people all around me were falling in love, finding their 'life partners' and being all mushy and all.
Then it hit me, the fruit has the hard seed too. Here's hoping that the rosy picture comes back. And god, dude, what about 'whole universe conspires to get that thing'.

Over the last month I have tried to keep my humor up (sadly, my friends dont think so, ahh bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad). Few of the one liners,
On shiiinoy [A Guy who has lived in Dubai] : "Dude are u cut for the dubai kinda life"...
On Ds [ Tall, Dark and Handsome guy] : "Am I a racist if I call your Intellectually Strong jokes 'Dark Humor' "....
To Su [Most fidgety person i have ever met] : Why will a girl wanna have sex with u, Ans: Cause u vibrate

Thats one thing, humor. It helps a person get through any kinda situation. I leart a lot about that from my dear friend Su. But i have realised a bad side effect of this kinda attitude. You also loose out on your emotional priorities. Its now very tough for me to feel bad about anything, that a normal human being should feel bad about. But as they say, u win some u loose some. what to do....?

Coming back to life, whats happeneing in the month of may. Eh... hmmm .. ah most of my friends were born in this freakin month. I am not going to pay for most of my meals that i have outside my house this freakin month. Why am i still calling it a freakin month. As my friend Ds puts it 'The Birthday Present Paradox'. Its the joy in giving presents, but it goes kaput when your iterations runs into a big int variable. Its better i dont explain why this isn't 'economically' a great thing. All i'll say is God, dude, 'Jab bhi lete ho chappad phad ke lete ho' :P. Chill da guys i still ENJOY giving u the gifts. 100 caughs.

Finally, why did they arrest a Czechoslovakian who was enjoying himself on a trampolin...
Cause the Czech (cheque) bounced.

'Take care' people...