Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This is my first...
Its a wonderful sight, the baby is wrapped up in the white towel, eyes try the best to open, the cry is so sweet...... The minute the human is born he is saved by the already grown up world. This continues till death beckons.
Have u ever wondered how fragile that human was and will be till he dies. Or. Have u wondered how powerful he is, protected and helped by the technology, made by the human himself!!
The reason that this contradictory thought seeped into my mind is because of the position have given it. It stands between two regions. Conquered and defeated.
How do I cope Or handle it. The mind runs again. Is it because I assumed my adept Or my loser attitude got the better of me. So is it all about perceiving things. Yes I guess.
So I assume my adept in anything I do? See, there again comes a thin line overconfident|confidence.
Confused I remain in all the layers.........