Friday, December 25, 2009


Never dream something, that when time comes you come to reject it,
Never raise hopes, that you cant work for.

Never dream together, 'cause when wind stops blowing, you are left flying alone.
Never loose you peace, not for the dreams you dreamt with someone.

Strife and strive for happiness, but do it all alone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Notes to self

Next time you eat a generation of crab, strike that two generations of Crab. Think twice.

Actually think of it other than the coughing I don't see a down side. Firstly, I got to eat so much of crab meat. Top that with the 5 days of complete bed rest. Three great movies. 1. O Brother! where art thou 2. House of sand and fog 3. Barton Fink. Read 1984 leisurely. Eat all the home food. Chocolates, soups, cookies and warm tea (love you mom). Spoke the least. Man I dont think I had a better holiday.

But come to think of it, I wouldn't want a throat infection to do all this. Especially when the doctor said "eh.. you have a throat infection, and its spreading to your lungs..." All I could Imagine that day was globules of histamines and its reactants slowly crawling into the dark alleyways of my lungs. But the phrase was use full, it got the required attention and the sick leaves. Trust me, next time quote a doctor verbatim and see your sick leaves get approved without an extra word!

The cough is still there I hope I get rid of it fast. A staunch believer in homeopathy had to take antibiotics to speed up the recovery. The Antibiotics, the doc prescribed is lets say interesting. Today morning while in the bus, they took effect. It was like a sunday morning in a green spread lawn over looking a valley of beauty with varicolored flowers and sparkling rivers, and the sun rising in the background with the parrots flying swiftly.... and one strong concoction of old monk and coke.

Its fun, I like to squeeze that out from wherever I can.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Inglourious Basterds - My view.

The plot is ready, Sushana has the reel in place, editing is in place. As soon as the movie ‘Nation’s Pride’ reaches it climatic dialogue from its protagonist her scene burst in - Laugining like a maniac, a devouring, Big Brotherish maniacal laugh. The Nazi audience complete with the countries top Director, actor and ofcourse the Fuhrer are astound. Literally behind the screen, her negro boyfriend flips his burning cigarette towards the mound of nitrate coated film reels (Samuel Jackson is the narrator and he explains the science behind it). The camera follows the burning cigarette in complete focus. In the front, the screen starts burning while Sushana continues to laugh. Ironically, Sushana is dead. The basterds are in place too, ready to bullet down each and every man, woman wearing a SS uniform. Then comes the culmination of one of the best scenes in the movies, the projector continues to project the laughing image of sushana over the smoke rising from the burning cinema. While 350 nazi’s are being roasted to death, Her revenge is complete.

A revenge born from a brilliant piece of screenplay in the beginning of Inglorious Basterds. Col. Hans Landa, played by Christopher Waltz squeezes out the information of the hiding jews, out from a seemingly tacit Dairy farmer. For nearly 15 mins, the dialogue between the two is telling you that something ominous is going to happen and when it does its simply is a masterpiece that is unfolding infront of your eyes. The farmer breaks down and gives up information of the hiding jews, while Landa sips on milk and brags about his ‘jew hunting’. Landa calls his men and they massacre the jew family hiding in the basement. There is one survivor, Sushana.

Meanwhile, Lt. Aldo Raine and his basterds have created havoc in south france. They are hunting down SS suited Germans and scalping their heads off. The news has reached the Fuhrer and the frustration is obvious. This is 3 years after Sushana escaped from the dairy farm. The style of Mr. Tarentino comes out in full color and yellow in these scenes.

The mans got style and knows how to flaunt it on screen. His long drawn conversation between his quirky characters is engaging and weirdly informative.

The strongest part of this movie is its writing. To spawn an imaginative alternate history and execute it so convincingly with flesh and blood characters, with their idiosyncrasies is simply mesmerizing. Two main plots and many a sub plots with Hans Landa as the common factor makes him the true poster boy of the movie.

The last scene though comical, I had my reservation of how easily the character of Landa gives in. Nevertheless, the superlative dialogues cover up the blotch.

Well written, well executed, good music and Mr. Tarantino is his iconic style makes Inglorious Basterds one of the best in the decade. Carry your burger and tasty beverage to enjoy this cinematic experience.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gulaal, Kaminey aur Anek aur

So there was a luck by chance, there was a Dev D and then Delhi 6. These were just the starters or touchings, whatever you prefer. But the gourmet is yet to be served. Through the transparent wall of the hindi movie industry kitchen I could see my course getting ready. Here is what I am ordering!!

Firstly, there is going to be Gulal. Anurag Kashyaps's next. The movie was 5 years in the making. All thanks to censor boards show of no confidence to Kashyap's maverick style of movie making. But the nevertheless, Its here.

Whats it about: This is purely my guess and is based on various articles and clippings that i have seen. Its kinda about the dog which chased a car, and upon reaching it didn't know what to do with it. Squirting out of the Pyaasa song 'Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye To Kya Hai'. From a shallow chase to the goal being shallow. Its about the Rajputana movement mixed with personal gratification of the rich spoil brats. Its Dark and self Cynical (check out the trailer).

What to expect: Gripping Drama. Rustic Realism. Amazing music. Corny Dialogues followed by the socio politically motivating Punchline (self cynical). Music from Indian Ocean. Hard hitting lyrics like Aarambh hain Prachand (here comes the Big revolution).. to Jaise Bina baat ke baj gaya afganistan ka band. And ofcourse our Neon hero Anurag Kashyap.

Then, Kaminey. Saw this trailer during Delhi 6. Its Vishal Bharadwaj's next. After movies like omkara, maqbool, makdee you cant help but eagerly wait for his next. Omkara was one of my favorites at that time. It had some amazing dialogues, great adapataion and ofcourse Beedi Jalaile, NITK anthem - 2006-07 .

What its about: Not much has been given away but looks like a movie about confusion, loud characters and lots of humor. Its about the twin brothers stuttering Guddu and aw'f'ome charlie. Its peppy, young loud mouthed gansta mixed with dignified life kinda comedy.

Why am I waiting for it: Fun. Amol gupte starts his acting career, the guy who gave us taare zameen par. Loud mothed maharashtrian salgi mulgi Priyanka, music for the 'chappars' but in the same time classy(Very possible after Beedi jalile). Chal chal sadko par hongi Tan Tan Tan Tadaaa... Ta tada tada... Its going to be pulp, it going to be crisp. Mark my words. Tasty beverage anyone??

Paanch: Another Anurag Kashyap's. Made in 2003. Kay Kay.Banned by censor board for Sexuality, sex, drugs and action. Now, that we have a recipe for a cult and a cook like anurag. I cant help but celebrate, 'cause its relishing umm eh releasing!!.

What is it about: Joshi Abhyankar case, If you dont know about it. Read about it. Mix it with great music, Some neon. Some Shock. Great actors like Kay Kay and Aditya Shrivatsav (baadshah Khan from black friday). and ofcourse the magic of Kashyap's madness. An order you cant refuse.. slruppp...

Many more to come and Many more to satisfy this hindi movie industry lovers... we want the mavericks, we want the hatkes, we want the oye lucky's we want the Aamir's. We want Shreyas Talpade's getting nominated for best actors and Sajjanpurs being economically viable to make and last but not the least we want the Amit trivedi's!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Aaj ki taza haal!!

Yeh kya haal hain mera,
Na khane me ras hain,
Na peene ka mann hai,
Hai re, chain hain mujhe chahiye,
Koi tho de de mujhe koi upayay

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Confrontaions that are waiting to happen

As I write down these lines on my blog, my life, over the last five passes by like flashes of photographs. I have wanted to write since then, also did, albeit it was futile. Since I have written two lines now I can pretty confidently say that this is going through.
So what has been happening since my last blog. Life has been super fast and super disapointing. Being brutally frank I call it disappointing, but also being foolishly optimistic those photos (scenes of despair) don't appear too frequently. Work has been hectic and could easily be the reason why I haven't blog since. But what kept me alive and kicking was music. My cousin, passed her ipod to me and ever since this ardent lover of great music has been magn. This looks like one of the best decades of hindi music. Way better than the last two. I have been immersed in kailash kher. I love his voice. There is something about music which is not polished or post processed and his music is tribute to that. I love the rough edges of his music. Tere naina, niharwa, saiyyan are my favourite. Kudos to vinay pathak to choose him for music director, lyricist and singer for his movie Dasvidaniya. The song mumma, alvida and muskura have remained on my top 25 list ever since.
Next fish on my hook is Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam. I rememeber 'jeremy spoken' as the song that came up once in a while during my shuffle play. But the trip back from nagarhole was last time it appeared as just another song. The minute Su started reeling out the lyrics of the song as it played, I good immersed. There is something about the baritone ish symphony that his voice exudes. Also the completely arbit lyrics of jermy made it more fun to sing along. Also for the uninitiated this song ends with voice modulation that would put atif aslam to shame because not only is Eddie vedder the creator of that sound he is the master of it. I am mine is the other song that features in my top 25. I love the very defined nature of the lyrics.

Other than music, the main track has been ridden with the season of MBA entrance exam. I didn't do well. I am filled with enough shame and guilt and want to keep them in me, till I have an authority to remove them.

Events wise, the ones in bold are sahana's marriage, nagarhole trip, US baays visits, the super amazing smooth light yellow tequila, durga puja, and the gym on the fifth floor of tejas networks.

This new year was fun, I had some spirit in me this time. First time in three years that I am having something to drink on the eve of new years. It was fun, we danced, made cocktails and cut cakes. (~~~contents missing~~~)I have to keep things in me and they are not going to be revealed until I am ultimately sure about it. More than the fear that I claim to have, I fear that the conviction aint there.

I have seen several mind melts over the last 5 months. I guess this is the age. People go through several of this. I feel these are the direction signs of life. Decisions we take during these stages helf us grow and grow out of it. I have seen people mature to fit in, seen people going the puerile way to just to have some fun. I have seen myself developing taste, I have seen myself faking to feel the difference.

I have observed, I have indulged and now I want to grow.