Friday, October 12, 2007

Chauvinists and fads...

I feel like an ultra frigging male 'chauvinist'. Especially when your best friend tells his sister that he is going out with me but is actually going out with his girlfriend. :). Fine thats all right no problem dude, have a great evening.
But wait there is a problem, for the rest of the day i am a chauvinist. Yayi!! so how can i piss some girls around. Here comes to my help the greatest kid ever drawn, yup calvin. read this..

Buahahahaa.. ROTFAFAL.. yesss.. for all the girls who think calvin is cute and i am too(!!!).. take that. Its the greatest irony, just do this, search for all the profiles that have Calvin or Hobbes as their profile pic, count how many of them are girls and viola 90% turn out to be females.

Fine ok ok.. i get it you guys like the comic and dont care what the charecter says or feels. Then it says it all and I made my point. I rest the case.