Saturday, December 02, 2006

Prem Doot

I don't know why i am doing this, but somethings are worth done than left undone. I am in love with you and i cant help myself from denying it. I know this is a very wrong thing to do knowing that you are already engaged with someone. The pain of love untold is growing everyday. Unbearable.
Weighing down things it looks like i have to tell you. So here goes 'I LOVE YOU'. Its not your new found beauty that i am in love with, Its not the cry of an unsatisfied, Its your serene periphery that i am smittened by.
Whats more irresistible is that you being so quiet and still expressive. I can never forget that eye contact that we had which for me lasted a millennium. I still cant forget those tears that trickled down your cheeks. I had had hugged u that very moment in my mind.
One thing though, If the intention of this letter is not satisfied, please don't break the beautiful relationship we have. Its very precious and i would like to treasure it all my life.

Thank you.