Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gulaal, Kaminey aur Anek aur

So there was a luck by chance, there was a Dev D and then Delhi 6. These were just the starters or touchings, whatever you prefer. But the gourmet is yet to be served. Through the transparent wall of the hindi movie industry kitchen I could see my course getting ready. Here is what I am ordering!!

Firstly, there is going to be Gulal. Anurag Kashyaps's next. The movie was 5 years in the making. All thanks to censor boards show of no confidence to Kashyap's maverick style of movie making. But the nevertheless, Its here.

Whats it about: This is purely my guess and is based on various articles and clippings that i have seen. Its kinda about the dog which chased a car, and upon reaching it didn't know what to do with it. Squirting out of the Pyaasa song 'Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye To Kya Hai'. From a shallow chase to the goal being shallow. Its about the Rajputana movement mixed with personal gratification of the rich spoil brats. Its Dark and self Cynical (check out the trailer).

What to expect: Gripping Drama. Rustic Realism. Amazing music. Corny Dialogues followed by the socio politically motivating Punchline (self cynical). Music from Indian Ocean. Hard hitting lyrics like Aarambh hain Prachand (here comes the Big revolution).. to Jaise Bina baat ke baj gaya afganistan ka band. And ofcourse our Neon hero Anurag Kashyap.

Then, Kaminey. Saw this trailer during Delhi 6. Its Vishal Bharadwaj's next. After movies like omkara, maqbool, makdee you cant help but eagerly wait for his next. Omkara was one of my favorites at that time. It had some amazing dialogues, great adapataion and ofcourse Beedi Jalaile, NITK anthem - 2006-07 .

What its about: Not much has been given away but looks like a movie about confusion, loud characters and lots of humor. Its about the twin brothers stuttering Guddu and aw'f'ome charlie. Its peppy, young loud mouthed gansta mixed with dignified life kinda comedy.

Why am I waiting for it: Fun. Amol gupte starts his acting career, the guy who gave us taare zameen par. Loud mothed maharashtrian salgi mulgi Priyanka, music for the 'chappars' but in the same time classy(Very possible after Beedi jalile). Chal chal sadko par hongi Tan Tan Tan Tadaaa... Ta tada tada... Its going to be pulp, it going to be crisp. Mark my words. Tasty beverage anyone??

Paanch: Another Anurag Kashyap's. Made in 2003. Kay Kay.Banned by censor board for Sexuality, sex, drugs and action. Now, that we have a recipe for a cult and a cook like anurag. I cant help but celebrate, 'cause its relishing umm eh releasing!!.

What is it about: Joshi Abhyankar case, If you dont know about it. Read about it. Mix it with great music, Some neon. Some Shock. Great actors like Kay Kay and Aditya Shrivatsav (baadshah Khan from black friday). and ofcourse the magic of Kashyap's madness. An order you cant refuse.. slruppp...

Many more to come and Many more to satisfy this hindi movie industry lovers... we want the mavericks, we want the hatkes, we want the oye lucky's we want the Aamir's. We want Shreyas Talpade's getting nominated for best actors and Sajjanpurs being economically viable to make and last but not the least we want the Amit trivedi's!!!