Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trust, No more

I trust too fast.
I think straight.
I dont scheme while I eat a burger. I just eat a burger.
I am not political when I say you are a brilliant person, I say it cause I feel it.

I dont burn oceans or fry the fish. I just tell you what to do.
I am tactless I am honest.
I have taken the easier route to be an Idiot.

Hence, the learning.


Safari Al said...

I have an objection. You do fry fish (or rather engage in consumerism that indirectly leads to the frying of fish). Especially the three-rupee kind.

priyanka said...

Its been a while. But i'm finally back to heady wordy world blogging. its nice to know you've been aware of all the fish frying just by the way:-D